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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What Makes Hospital Ratings Valuable for Its Patients?

Hospital ListingsConsumers today have access to a lot of information regarding the safety and quality of hospitals. One of the crucial deciding factors for many patients is the rating of the hospital, as it determines the kind of care and treatment they are likely to receive. We bring you the key factors that go into the ratings you see in major hospital listings.

1. Patient Experience – Based on various surveys and feedback, you can determine whether patients will recommend a particular hospital. You can also know their overall assessment, experience with nurses and doctors, communication with the staff, cleanliness, pain control measures, etc.

2. Patient Outcomes – Based on the data submitted by hospitals to the federal government or the state, there is information about how the hospitals prevented bloodstream or surgical-site infections, whether the patients needed to get readmitted within 30 days of discharge, if there was any hospital-acquired infection, etc.

3. Appropriate Practices – These include the use of electronic health records in the hospital and the right use of CT scans. You will know whether the hospital keeps its patient records up-to-date and you can also know if the hospital is sending patients for unnecessary scans that might expose them to radiation.

4. Safety Measures – These include a summary of the above points wherein the hospital takes extra precautions to ensure the safety of its patients – avoiding infections, prescribing the right medications, ensuring timely care, suggesting appropriate surgeries, etc.

When you look at an American hospital directory, you can find out the ratings of every hospital in your area and then make an informed decision about your health.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Benefits of Listing Your Hospital for General Public

Medical emergencies occur unexpectedly and it is the hospital directory that people look into during such a tough situation. Not only during such emergencies, American hospital directory can be very helpful to you when you have just moved your home and you want to know about the nearby hospitals in your area. Even some people go a step forward to discover a hospital where treatment for a specific ailment is obtainable.

The Benefits

•    In lieu of knocking the unknown neighbors’ door, you can just browse the directory to locate a nearby hospital in case of emergencies.

•    A hospital directory has a long-list of specialty hospital in your city and their contact information. You can contact them via their emergency call number, and most of the hospitals across the city send you an ambulance, four times an emergency call is made to them.

•    The directories categorize the hospitals based on their location and specialization. This makes it easier for you to locate the best children’s hospital in your area just by typing in the search box provided in the listings page.

•    When you are not in an emergency medical need, you can compare different hospitals by going through hospital reviews and ratings listed in the hospital directory by state.

•    Apart from the hospital information, you can find tons of health and wellness articles, such as how to cure diabetes naturally, home treatment for acne, dental look after children and more.

Visit for more information.

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